Gulf Engineering Union Award

Award provisions:

1)       Award Objectives

The award aims to:

·         Highlighting the joint Gulf engineering work and achieve goals of the Gulf Engineering Union.

·         Raising project competition, creativity and excellence in various fields of engineering work.



2)      Award Name

The award shall be named as the following:

“Gulf Engineering Union in Engineering Excellence and Innovation Award.”


3)      Award Categories

The categories will be assigned during the current engineering forum and the prizes will be awarded on the next forum.

The award has two branches, which are the following:

(A) Distinguished persons, who are represented by engineering offices.

(B) Individual people’s creative achievements in terms of invention, discovery, or development.

The nomination for the award is only made through distinguished persons and GCC citizens.



4)      Award materials

·         A certificate holding the name and summary of the work of his award.

·         A golden award plaque, which has the award’s emblem.

·         Cash amount equivalent to fifty thousand riyals (for individuals only).

The items are given for each branch of the award.



5)       Nominating Duration

The nomination period (award cycle) last for a full year.


6)       Committee

A higher committee for the award is established by members from participating engineering councils. Furthermore, The General Secretariat of the GEU will be chairman of the prize committee.


The Committee is entrusted to do the following tasks:

·         Announcement of the prize’s categories.

·         Receiving nominations.

·         Preparation of assessment forms.

·         Contacting candidates.

·         Proposal regarding the jury members.

·         Performing the administrative and technical tasks of the arbitral tribunal in a way would meet its obligations

·         Make invitations to celebrate the winners.

·         Proposal of award’s categories.

·         Coordinate and follow up the financial obligations of the involved professional bodies to support prize financially and coordinate their efforts.


7)       Jury

Each year, award general committee suggests the category(y/ies). In addition, jury members are also nominated through committee, which are based on the nominations of engineering bodies alongside with their CVs. The participating society/council chooses the jury members (three at least) according to nature of award.


8)      Announcement

The host, which is a GCC engineering council/society, makes a special announcement for the award that includes advertising and constitutes accurate:

·         Subject and objectives of award.

·         Setting general judgment criteria

·         Clarify any additional criteria that jury suggests.

·         Determine style and quality of the applications, whether they were research projects, studies, or other.

·         Determine language and form of submissions.

·         Identify the importance of general appearance of the request, the made effort, the suitability to the theme of the award and its impact on the overall assessment.


9)      Judgment Procedure.

The jury is gathered to review the applications received.

The jury’s decisions are based on the announced assessment criteria, and it has to put a certain weight for each criteria. It may also use the previous work of former juries.

The jury analyzes the submissions according to announced criteria.


The jury is allowed to:

–        Withhold the prize.

–        Divide the award to more than a winner with right to divide the payment.

–        The jury’s decision is final and irrevocable (as long as the decision did not violate the procedure.)


The jury submits a report on the progress of its work and outcomes and to the award committee.

The Prize jury members make a meeting at the earliest possible, where they discuss and adopt the jury decision.

The host council/society informs the winners and makes the appropriate arrangements.


10)    Assessment Criteria

The jury makes decisions that are based on the following criteria (In addition, the jury has the right to add another one but it has to declare it first).


·         The idea has to be unprecedented.

·         The idea is contributing/contributed in reducing costs.

·         The idea has developed living style.

·         The idea is committed to environmental standards.

·         The idea has to be easy to implement or applicable.

·         The idea serves a large segment of people.

·         The idea (has addressed/is addressing) a realistic chronic problem.

·         The idea is economically feasible.

·         The idea contributes to the resettlement and transfer of expertise and technology.



11)   Announcement of Winners

Winners are announced in GEU. However, they will be handed awards within the activities of the opening ceremony. Furthermore, the prizes may be withhold when the nominations are not up to the required level.


12)   Objectives of Engineering Councils

To achieve award objectives, the participating engineering councils/societies are entrusted to do the following tasks:

·         Announcement of the categories and reception of nominations through its representative in the committee.

·         Announcement of the award and reception of nominations in the council’s country.

·         Support the Prize Committee with necessary database regarding management and technical aspects.

·         Participate in the execution of the award committee’s obligations and tasks.

·         Make the necessary contacts with candidates in the council’s country.


13)    Cost

The participating engineering councils in all the GCC countries bears financial, administrative, and Technical cost evenly between them, which includes the prize and hosting the winners.